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The Treasurer
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The New Opera Company, Derby (NOC,D) takes the privacy of its members, supporters and audience seriously. Please find below the policies that we apply in order to ensure this.
1. NOC,D will retain records of personal data only insofar as it is necessary to conduct the business of the company which consists of:
• Communicating with members and supporters of NOC,D regarding matters related to the operation of the company e.g. organising rehearsals, meetings etc.
• Coordinating the administrative affairs of the company relating to membership fees and HMRC Gift Aid Claims. For trustees of NOC,D it also relates to returns for the Charities Commission and access to banking facilities.
• For audience members it relates to keeping a mailing list in order to inform them of performances and events of interest to them.
2. NOC,D will only hold personal data that is needed for the purposes identified in point 1 above and no more. This consists of names and Email and/or postal address, and/or telephone number as required. It will also include dates of birth for trustees on the company.
3. NOC,D will not use personal data that it holds for any other purpose other than those identified in point 1. above.
4. NOC,D will not share personal data that it holds with any third party.
5. NOC,D will always obtain consent to hold the personal data of members, supporters and audience.
6. NOC,D will remove from its records the personal data of any individual who is no longer a member or supporter of the company.
7. NOC,D will immediately cease sending information to members of the public who request to be removed from the mailing list.
8. NOC,D will, upon request by an individual, provide details of personal data held on that individual and an explanation of the purpose for which it is held.
9. All requests for action or information in relation to this policy can be made to the Treasurer/Membership Secretary via the company Email: or by post to: 55 Ford Lane, Allestree, Derby DE22 2EY.